Danny Z. - Keyboards & Vocals

Danny Z grew up in Visalia, but it was in L.A. County during the early 60’s, while watching his cousin’s high school band play, that he realized he wanted to play the organ. So at the age of 12 he began playing for Jr. and the Chromatics, using his Farfisa Compact Organ and Sears Silvertone Amp.
He eventually upgraded to a Hammond B3 while playing R&B, soul, and latin rock with the Soulful Seven for over six years, which included opening up for El Chicano. This would begin a musical path that would cross several more times with El Chicano in the future.
Danny Z left the music scene for over thirty years while he pursued his career in the fire service.
In 2003 he knew that music was still in his blood and he began performing again with the Monterey oldies group, Foolish Pleasure. He followed that with Candy Jam, a R&B/Soul band out of Hollister.

In 2005 he also began renting out his collection of Hammond organs to several well known bands, which included El Chicano, Cold Blood, Rare Earth, B.B. King and The Marshall Tucker Band.
When he moved back to the Central Valley he began playing for Sabor, a Latin and Oldies band, from Bakersfield. It was there that his paths would cross again with Bobby Espinoza and El Chicano, when Sabor opened for them in Bakersfield. The El Chicano friendship continued while during a later concert near the coast, the late Bobby Espinoza invited him on-stage to perform with the band as a guest organist.
His influences include Bobby Espinoza, Booker T. Jones, Greg Rolie and Jimmy Smith.
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Jeff - Drums & Vocals
 Time came for Prestige's original bass player to go back to his first love, The Drums.  Jeff had played drums for over 40 years when he decided to switch to the bass for a few years.  After playing bass with Prestige and Bringing It Back, he's back on the drums.  His prior drumming experience included playing with blues/ZZ Top band, Tres Hombres, country band, Randy Deaver and Crossfire and the rock band, Heat. 
Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife Robin who is his biggest fan and supporter.  He has passed on his love of music to his two sons who are both musicians.  When not playing music, he loves going out and riding his Harley Davidson.
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Tina Marie - Vocals & Percussion
Tina Marie born and raised in Visalia, CA has always had a love affair with music.  In high school she played clarinet in the Redwood Ranger Marching band but it was at the age of 21 when a friend signed her up at an open mic that she began stretching her vocal talent and things took off from there.   
Tina has won various singing competitions in the central valley and sings the National Anthem at various sporting events as called upon.  Her soulful voice can take on everything from Aretha Franklin to El Chicano to Patsy Cline to Pat Benatar.
Prior to joining Prestige, Tina was the front person for Fresno Undercover belting classic rock and country tunes that kept people dancing all night long.  Later she took on a role with an R&B group out of the north valley called "The Keystone Project".  The group spent time in the studio producing audio compilations that included songs by Lydia Pense and Cold Blood, Marva Whitley, and The Ides of March to name a few. 
Today Tina enjoys making music with Prestige, a group that allows her to do what she loves to do with a 'family first' mindset.  When she's not singing with the band she can be found with Jim the love of her life and their three kids traveling and camping and just enjoying life.
Nick D. - Bass Guitar 

The "youngest" member of Prestige is Nick D. who is handling the bass guitar responsibilities.  Nick is an amazing musician and plays several instruments.  Fortunately he was available when Prestige needed a bass player.  Nick is also the Lead Guitarist for Create the Compass.
Daythen - Guitar 
Daythen Fernandez comes to Prestige from Bakersfield.  More information to follow.
Randy - Sound Technician 

Randy is the one you will see handling the Prestige sound!  Before becoming Prestige's Sound Technician he moved through the ranks with the band starting as a Drum Tech and then on to Stage Manager.   If you listen closely you may even hear him on Prestige's CD providing back up vocals on El Cayuco.